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Small business marketing help in Tauranga
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Hi, I’m Dan Angland

Would your business grow faster or perform better with a professional, experienced Marketing Manager on board?

But like many businesses, you don’t have the budget for a full-time employee, and you don’t want to engage an expensive marketing agency, right?

I can reduce your headaches from stressing over your marketing, and increase your profits by making your marketing perform better for you.

With 17 years experience in marketing roles and running my own small businesses, I’ve had hands-on experience doing most marketing tasks a small-to-medium sized business needs to do.

Use me for one-off jobs, or an ongoing contract to manage part or all your Marketing for you.

Here’s what I can do for you



Website design

I can build you a low-cost but highly effective and visually professional website that’s structured to rank well in search engines to get you free visitors. I’m experienced with e-commerce, dynamic and responsive construction.

Email marketing

I can set up email newsletters or write email sales letters that get results, and can be tracked and reported on to build intelligence about what your customers or potential customers want.

Google Advertising and Remarketing Campaigns

I can set up and manage Google advertising campaigns that get you in front, or back in front (remarketing) of people who are searching for your product/service, and you only pay-per-visitor that comes to your website. Once set up, many of these campaigns require very little time/money to maintain.

Google Maps, Local Search & Internet Directories

I can get your business showing on Google Maps and ranking well in local searches. This includes showing you which Internet Directories (Yellow, Finda etc) you need to be on, and which are a waste of money.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

I can determine the most suitable social media platforms for your business and set them up for best results. I can run paid advertising campaigns that can target potential customers by pin-point geographic, demographic and behavioural items.


Promotional Videos / Testimonial Videos

Now that high-speed Internet is common everywhere, videos on your website or on other platforms like YouTube can be great for products or services that you really need to see in action to appreciate. I have the equipment and experience to produce low cost web videos to a professional standard that used to be possible only on a much higher budget.

Training Videos

Do you have new staff or contractors that have to be continually trained on the same tasks? Why not create a simple video showing the task step-by-step? I did this for a cleaning company to help them train new cleaners and it’s saving them a lot of time while ensuring the training is the same for everyone.


Direct Mail (Addressed or Unaddressed)

I can write you a sales letter and organise delivery to your own customer or prospect lists, or to targeted lists or unaddressed mail drops.


While print media is reducing in effectiveness, there’s still a place for a well targeted, well structured, and nicely designed print ad in a magazine or newspaper.


I’m very experienced writing and structuring content. Simple design jobs I’ll do myself, but for more visually intensive designs I’ll prepare the content and brief a specialist graphic designer to do the final implementation.

General Marketing

All businesses have an ongoing need for small marketing tasks to be completed.

Sales letters, press releases, phone sales scripts, powerpoint presentations… the list never ends.

Let me help you prepare those items so you can focus on what you do best.

My Work Experience



I’ve spent the last 17 years in marketing roles. Learning and doing.

I’ve had hands-on experience doing most marketing tasks a small-to-medium sized business needs to do.


I spent 8 years as the Marketing Executive for CrestClean, a national company with more than 500 franchises and over 4000 customers. Working alongside the Marketing Director, we created the marketing for both the franchise sales and customer acquisition sides of the business.

My role involved (among many other things) managing campaigns for the Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio and extensive direct mail.

I was hired initially because of my Internet experience and we held No.1 Google rankings for the top industry keywords for the entire time I was in service.


For 2 years I was the Marketing Manager of a company during its partnership with TradeMe that created TradeMeMotors. Again working closely with the company directors and a small in-house telesales team.

Our task was to convince car dealers that advertising on the internet was the way of the future.

That might sound silly now, but in a world where the Autotrader magazine was the bible for used car sales, TradeMe Motors was untested media and many were initially hesitant.


Talk about ‘blowing my mind’!

As a Business Development Manager for the top* Internet Search Marketing Company in New Zealand, seeing the results these pioneer internet marketers were getting for our clients really opened my eyes.

I had been managing a web design company for 5 years at that point, I thought I knew a few things, but this was next level stuff.

Implementation documents hundreds of pages long outlining every little part of a website’s structure and every element for digital campaigns.

(*top at the time – maybe still is)


Initially a copy centre in Tauranga city, myself and the owner (my father-in-law at the time) decided that website design was the future and began evolving the business.

Believe me, this wasn’t easy. This was at a time when most businesses were still saying “I don’t think I need a website”.

In my role as General Manager / Sales & Marketing Manager I grew the sales from zero to reasonable figure, and created a complete sales system including a comprehensive manual and price list that allowed as to operate several contract sales people in Tauranga and Rotorua.

But I haven’t spent my time hiding behind a cushy salary and lack of accountability.
I love small businesses…
My Businesses



You’ll discover that I think like a small business owner, because I am one.

Big companies throw 100k at a marketing campaign and they’re happy to get at least some results.

But half of it’s usually wasted.

I love small businesses. I love the simplicity of how they operate.

It’s sink or swim.

You’ve got to get things done cheap, and you can’t waste money on things that don’t bring in results.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is many times and I love every minute of it!

Set up in 2010, this business has been a lot of fun, and allowed me to get my little BMW on every race track in the country.

Recreational Motorsport Ltd manages 3 brands, the main one being, a full e-commerce enabled retail store specialising in Motorsport experiences. and are spin-offs focusing on the filming I do at track days.

StudentForce’s flyer delivery service gives students of all ages the opportunity to earn money, develop work ethic, and learn about business.

Currently operating with 40 kids delivering to 8400 households in Mount and Papamoa, we hope to grow to incorporate 160 throughout Tauranga.

MultiQuote was an online service to help businesses get multiple quotes for web design services by filling out a single simple form that was then sent to a database of over 200 web design companies who paid me for the opportunity to respond to the customer.

This business made a profit from day-1, and I eventually sold it to one of the web design companies.



Use me like a Marketing Manager … but without the full-time salary.

You tell me what you need done… and I do it for you. Much the same as using an outside contractor for your Administration or Accounts tasks.


And I do it all with a friendly, relaxed and helpful attitude.

Standard Rate

$65per hour

StudentForce Client Rate

$55 per hour
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It’s your turn to write something now.
Tell me a little about the first project you need done and I’ll call you for a free chat about it.

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